Караоке музички столб + микрофон BK 6666

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📣 Blutooh
📣 USB/SD Card
📣 FM Radio
📣 Line In
📣 Subwoofer
📣 Karaoke
📣 With BL-5C Bettery
📣 Remote Controller

New this spring – the original Portable Stereo System 2.0 BK-6666. This column is remarkable for its unusual elongated design and the lively dynamic lighting. At first glance, 75 cm column seem rather cumbersome, but in reality it is extremely thin and easy to place anywhere. And thanks to the different colors is perfectly in any environment. If desired, a stereo system can be placed horizontally – use comfortably in both positions.
All the speakers are equipped with 5 backlit shimmer and flash rhythmically, but not simultaneously. Multimedia Speaker BK-6666 will make your ordinary vacation day, and the holidays will add even more happiness and joy. the Karaoke function is sure to impress your friends and loved ones!
Compatible with all smartphones and tablets that support Bluetooth
It has a color LED lights to the music played
Play MP3 music format SD / MMC memory cards, USB Flash
Remote control
2 microphone inputs with volume control
Sensitive FM radio with auto scan function and storing the last station, retractable antenna
Built-in battery of 4000 mAh high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, there is another compartment for the BL-5C battery
Convenient carrying handle, lightweight speakers
effect adjustment Echo
LED display with display mode, the track number and the timing of the composition.
Bluetooth version: 3.0
Link distance up to 15 m (without obstruction)
Play MP3 from SD / MMC memory cards, USB Flash
FM radio, automatic search
Audio input: 3.5 mm AUX
Built-in lithium battery 4000 mAh
Working time on one charge: up to 8 hours
Material: wood, plastic, metal
Color: black, gray, red, blue
Dimensions: cm 75x18x14
Weight: 2650 g
It contains:
– BK-6666 Column
– USB / Mini USB / Audio 3.5 mm
– Remote control
– Packing box / manual