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Effectively remove aging cells, improve skin rough, dry, etc;
Increase skin elasticity,white and tender, smooth moisture;
It also has expansion capillaries, the role of promoting blood circulation


– This wax warmer comes with a pot for loose wax, but the main pot opening is designed to fit standard wax cans
– Temperature settings allows you to choose the melt temperature for the specific wax you use
– Non-slip rubber feet
– Removable inner wax pot
– 4.3″ pot opening to accommodate most 14oz wax cans
– Stylish design for any professional salon or home use

Single pot:
Model No: WAX-5001
Item name:Wax Heater Machine (Single pot)
Product size:21x25x28cm
Packing: 1pcs/box,12pcs/carton
box size: 27×21.5x16cm
G.W.: 1.5Kg