Selfie Stick Tripod Xiaomi Mi

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Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote

Improve your photos with this tripod-selfie stick combination from Xiaomi.

It keeps your device solid as a rock when used as a tripod, and helps you get a wider shot when used as a selfie stick. The rotating joint and adjustable arm allow you to adjust it to your liking – perfect for taking those tricky photos, and the clamp can can be stretched up to 86mm.

The Xiaomi Mi selfie stick tripod also comes with a Bluetooth remote that lets you take photos even when the tripod is far away. With it, you can freely join your friends for that group photo, or take a selfie that doesn’t even look like one.

The bottom of the selfie stick tripod are specially layered with non-slip materials, ensuring the safety of your device, and preventing accidental slips.

– Xiaomi Mi selfie stick tripod
– Makes taking photos easier
– Stable tripod design
– Stretchable selfie stick arm
– Adjustable holding clamp
– Bluetooth shutter button
– Non-slip design on the bottom
– Lightweight and easy to pack

– Bluetooth version: v3.0
– Bluetooth range: 10m
– Dimensions: 19 x 4.5 x 5cm
– Extended arm length: 520±10mm
– Clamp dimensions: 56 – 89mm
– Weight: 155g
– System compatibility: Android 4.2+; iOS 5.0+

Package includes:
– 1 x Xiaomi Mi tripod selfie stick
– 1 x Bluetooth shutter button
– 1 x User manual