Ласер Pattern Snowfall

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  • ❄WONDERFUL SNOWFALL LED LIGHTS: Snow patterns can bring you a noble, luxurious, romantic and warm atmosphere. Besides, it supports remote control with a control distance of up to 15m, and its wide viewing angle provides a larger light coverage area. Also can control motor increase/reduce and flicked speed,2-8h timing function provided.
  • ❄WATERPROOF & WEATHER RESISTANCE: IP65 waterproof rating, meeting the requirements of outdoor use; working at an ambient temperature of -25℃~40℃, can withstand snow, rain and strong sunlight. Moreover, the high-quality ABS flame shell and internal aluminum plate of the lamp can provide a better heat dissipation effect.
  • ❄EASY TO INSTALL & SAFE TO USE: 3 Ways for installation-Self stand & Insert into the ground, safer than laser projection lamps, and will not harm children’s eyes.
  • ❄SUIT FOR MOST SCENES & GOOD DECORATION: Perfect decoration for snowfall LED lighting, Christmas, party, landscape, holiday, garden decoration, club, bar, stage, KTV, etc.